Phrasal verbs

Phrasal verbs are usually two-part verbs consisting of a verb plus adverb, or a verb plus preposition. Take, for example the verb “to grow”. This is a typical action verb. By adding one word, this changes the verb: “to grow up”, “to grow in” or “to grow out”.

Phrasal verbs can also often have more than one meaning, for example “to throw up” means to throw something in the air, to vomit or to suggest something, ie: the discovery of the body threw up all kinds of questions.

Examples of phrasal verbs

Here we have taken a simple infinitive and added the various particles that may go with it to form phrasal verbs:

Bring + about, along, back, forward, in, off, out, round, up

Buy + out, up

Call + off, up

Carry + off, out

Cut + back, down, off, out, up

Give + away, back, off

Hand + back, down, in, on, out, over, round

Knock + down, out, over

Leave + behind, out

Let + down, in, off, out

Pass + down, over, round

Point + out

Push + about, around, over

Put + across, away, down, forward, off, on, out, through, together, up

Read + out

Set + apart, aside, back, down

Shut + away, in, off, out

Take + apart, away, back, down, in, on, over, up

Think + over, through, up